Understanding your concern for the safe transit of your valuable merchandise, Canopus holds up the lofty goal of ensuring a secure passage for your goods.

Vegetable Oil

With its extensive experience of handling vegetable oil tankers, Canopus is in a favorable position to ensure the smooth flow of your valuable commodity.


By assuring you the full support of highly pro-active personnel and brisk operations, while keeping in mind all your trade requirements, Canopus provides for the fertile growth of your business.


Well-planned strategies and perfectly coordinated operations bear testimony to the fact that at Canopus, we do not act on an impulse.


An ability to thoroughly comprehend your trade requirements and react to your specific needs enables Canopus in providing your business vital leverage.

Iron Ore

Always mindful of the core issues relating to international trade and transportation, Adsteam provides you important pre-requisites for enhancing business and productivity.

As port agent we handle broad spectrum of tonnage, while focusing on our core clients and commodities.

National Reach

Commodity Spread